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  • What: The best money you will every spend!  Get out of debt.  Know where your money is going.  Learn about insurance, mortgages, how and why to invest to invest, and more.

    When: Every Monday, starting Oct 1st

    Where: Church Office, 2530 Centerville Tpke S, Chesapeake, VA, 23322

    Cost: $109 due by Sept 23rd

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  • What: In today's busy world, we're wired to appear "fine," warding off authenticity and shielding ourselves from judgment. But we yearn for authentic relationships and the opportunity to be the opposite of "fine" with people who cheer for us. Yet, friendship can be hard, making new friends even harder, and maintaining genuine friendship the hardest of all.  In this 7-session Bible study, we will explore our relationship with Jesus as the ultimate model for authentic friendship. Nothing shapes us like the impact of a friend - it's how Jesus radically and intimately connects with us. So instead of chasing perfection, overcome your fear of being known and find the courage to connect.

    When: Friday morning @ 9:30am

    Where: Lynn Moore's Home

    Starts: September 7th

    Cost: $13 due by August 26th

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  • What: A 6-session study for women who long to see God's greater meaning and purpose for motherhood and the nurturing gifts they demonstrate daily.  Sooner or later, every mother will stop and ask herself, Is this all I am? God has instilled motherhood with meaning and purpose as part of His greater plan for humanity. Whether or not a woman has been called to traditional motherhood, she demonstrates her nurturing gifts daily through caregiving, hospitality, discipleship, teaching, raising children, and serving others.  Join us as we look to Scripture for evidence of God's mission for motherhood and His greater purpose for each and every woman.

    When: Thursday Evenings @ 7pm

    Where: Sara Edward's Home

    Starts: September 6th

    Cost: $13 due by August 26th

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