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Administrative Team


Do you like being behind the scenes and helping in administrative ways?  This team helps with the smooth flow of our church.


Money Counters — This team takes care of counting, sorting, recording and depositing all of the offerings from the weekend services.  Must be a member of Sonlight Church.  Sundays immediately following morning service.


Publicity Team —This team manages all church advertisements.  Includes web page design and updates, newspaper articles, direct mail campaigns, church signs, display boards, commercials, etc.  Graphical designer and website administrator opportunities.


Graphical Design —This team creates all design elements to support our church mission through mailers, series graphics, shirt designs, banners, etc.  


Website Administrators —This team manages our web presence and keeps the site up-to-date.  They work closely with the various ministry leaders to ensure content is accurate.  They are responsible for streaming audio/video messages online.


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