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Creative and Technical Arts 

Do you have hidden - or obvious - talents in media production? Or a burning desire to help the church use the latest technology to reach the community? Whether your strengths and skills are technical or conceptual, there's a niche here. 


This team is geared toward communicating God’s message in a relevant and compelling way by using technology and creativity in various ways.


Equipment Operators — run lighting, video cameras, video switcher, sound system, media presentation equipment for services and events. This area requires a commitment to set up and break down all needed equipment and perform sound and video checks. Arrival time varies according to specific role.

Creative Media — produce compelling media and computer animations to enhance the mission of the church.

Videography — records the history of God’s work at Sonlight using videography.

Photography — records the history of God’s work at Sonlight using photography.

Drama — perform in dramas, direct actors, assist with costuming, props, and staging, write original scripts and adapt existing ones. Drama practices are scheduled when there is an upcoming drama for a weekend service. Actors must be available Sunday morning for our weekend service.

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