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The who, what, when and why of Sonlight...

Who started it all?

Nine adults and ten children, including our founding and senior pastor, Hershel Adams.

What were they thinking?

That they would start a church, not to compete with the many fine churches already established in the area, but for those people who were not currently attending a church because they see church as too boring.  Too intimidating.  Or just not relevant to their stressed-out, hyper-speed lives.  Not to mention those who weren't in church because they felt unworthy, unloved and unlovable.  They realized that in our community alone, there were thousands of people not connected to God and not connected to His church.

When did Sonlight open its doors?

Sonlight first started meeting in the fall of 1999 in a living room.  They quickly outgrew the living room and moved to the Girl Scout Center on Cedar Road.  From there, the church continued to grow and launched their first public service in January 2000 at Great Bridge Primary School.  As more and more people came, they moved into the newly renovated Great Bridge Middle School in September 2003.  They are certainly a church on the move.

Why do we do what we do?

The bottom line answer is because people matter to God.  And since they matter to God, they matter to us.