Mission, Vision, values

Our Mission

Leading people into a passionate relationship with Jesus.

Our Vision

  • We have a Vision of a community where people are loved, accepted, served, cared for, encouraged and are forgiven. A community where Christ is exalted and every person matters.             
  • We have a Vision for people to establish a relationship with God through accepting His Son, Jesus Christ, and becoming a vital part of God's church.
  • We have a Vision to see lives forever transformed.  Marriages and families restored, relationships healed, addictions broken and people experiencing freedom in loving God and others.
  • We have a Vision to see people grow spiritually. Gaining knowledge of God's word and applying it to their daily lives. Living fruitful and fulfilled lives, daily spending time in God's word and prayer.
  • We have a Vision where every member is a minister. Where every person discovers and uses their talents, gifts and abilities, allowing them to fulfill their God-given purpose in life.


  •         We value loving God and others
  •         We value creating relevant environments for every person
  •         We value Biblical authority
  •         We value prayer
  •         We value life groups
  •         We value leadership development
  •         We value creativity
  •         We value excellence